The modern digital processes applied by Puristeteos ensure higher-quality services, precision, and a better competitive edge for our customers. Design services are available for ready-for-use deliveries, system deliveries, and project deliveries, as well as for the production of individual components.

Much more than mere cold metal

Puristeteos offers customers comprehensive design services, from products and methods to tools, and from processes to machinery. We always start by gaining a good understanding of the customer’s needs or their specific problem. Our aim is to efficiently promote the customer’s sales work, by exploring the needs they are looking to solve and then designing and developing the solution together with them.

First-class, optimised design leads to complete cost-effective solutions which benefit our customers.

Optimisation, dimensioning, and modelling

In addition to basic product design, Puristeteos also offers optimisation, dimensioning, and modelling services. These services include not only the product and its structure, but also its manufacturing processes and individual components. Thanks to advanced automation with top-quality equipment, our design services deliver cost-effective outcomes.

Puristeteos helps its customers to succeed by turning their ideas into finished products and by optimising production processes.

Design and optimisation

Component and parts manufacturing

Assembly and coating