Avant Tecno Oy

Puristeteos takes a straightforward approach to things, focusing on solutions and development. This, and the ability to speak frankly, is crucial for effective collaboration. Puristeteos supplies us with many components and systems that we put directly into production according to a weekly schedule. It is therefore particularly important to keep to delivery times, quality requirements, and reliable deliveries, because the main supplier’s production processes must run without interruption.

We have collaborated on projects both little and large over the years, all of which can be characterised by a determination to get things done. Our requirements for collaboration partners are that they are situated geographically close-by and that they offer cost-effective services through all of the stages of our production chain. We handle some of the processes in-house as well, such as laser cutting, bending/pressing/pipe bending, welding, and painting, and also assembly work, but subcontracting sometimes works better for some configurations.

Saku Vastamäki
Vice President, Production
Avant Tecno Oy

Finn-Power Oy

We buy and sell products between each other, and Puristeteos uses our machinery in their production processes, which means that both companies need to do well if we want our joint development projects to work well and to succeed. Variable workloads are a specific challenge for project-based companies, and it takes collaboration and a methodical approach to be able to handle this aspect of the business. In a process that involves tight throughput rates and challenging costs, it is important to anticipate and agree even the smallest of details.

Because we focus on product management and the assembly, testing, and installation of our final products, continuous improvement of producibility is of paramount concern for us. Open sharing of information and collaboration based on continuous development are key, because our production chain and supplier network are extensions of our production work. Puristeteos develops and produces products, and is therefore able to respond to any challenges that are related to producibility.

We expect cost-efficiency, delivery reliability, and first-rate quality. We must trust each other fully and without question because the worst case scenario for us would be a customer’s factory building project running into trouble. The most rewarding project involved a storage system product which allowed us to unite our forces to show that steel structures which are usually produced in countries which have lower labour costs can also be manufactured on a cost-efficient basis in Finland. This production work started in 2016.

Tommi Mäki
Sourcing Manager
Finn-Power Oy